• DC honors her youngest daughter who passed at birth with her pen name, DC Grace.
  • The characters of Cotsy and Marshall in The Amethyst Dragon series were based on real people from her high school. She ended up marrying one of them!
  • The Before did not start with the characterization of Sunni, but with Shyla and Lorcan, during a visit to New Orleans.
  • There is a real green door with a lion head knocker on Chartres!
  • Stories come to DC visually - usually seeing someone who sparks a character in her mind. Yes, she does follow people around during this process, hahaha! If you ever see her following you, you could simply be becoming a character in her next book!
  • Dade's description to Shelby of how he sees their future child in Pixie Dust is how DC always visualized her real life daughter, Angelica Grace.
  • Yes, DC really does listen to the songs on the playlist while she writes!
  • When DC loses a character's voice as she writes, she takes a break and watches a John Hughes film.
  • When DC writes a fight scene, she acts it out at home, complete with swords when necessary! Yes, her family are good sports!
DC Grace