The Before

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Sunni Sullivan thought she could escape the drama and torture of her life by staying with her Aunt Glenda in New Orleans. But for Sunni, the drama was just beginning.

Learning the truth of her heritage, she found suspicion and distrust at every turn. She was the daughter of Feu Femme, the feared, legendary member of the Conjuror community, and with the odds stacked against her, Sunni finds herself literally in a fight for her life.

A changeling named Bram, adopted into the Conjuror community, is convinced Sunni is behind the disappearances of his friends. As his world starts to unravel, he finds the person he trusts the least may be the person he should trust the most.

Filled with wonderful new supernaturals from French lore, The Before will take you on a paranormal tour of beautiful New Orleans, where magic is a way of life, and nothing is as it seems.

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Faery Rings

Come not between the dragon and his wrath. In the final installment of The Amethyst Dragon, Dade Blue-Therror is in a race against time to finally defeat the Winter Dragon, and save both the Fae and mortal realms from the dark magic, seeping from the boundaries of Orbis Alia.


With help from unexpected places and a mysterious stranger who isn't all he appears to be, can Dade stop the turning tides and ascend to the throne as king of the Seelie Court with Shelby at his side?

Pixie Dust

In Pixie Dust, book two of The Amethyst Dragon, an epic battle of good versus evil is about to begin. Father against son, brother against brother. And for Dade Blue-Therror, the stakes have never been higher. Can he rescue his beloved Shelby from his nemesis the Winter Dragon, or will he lose her forever to the darkness?

Dragon Wings

The Amethyst Dragon series will take readers on a walk back in time, while still being firmly rooted in present day. In Dade's world, chivalry is not dead, and Avalon still exists on a plane that holds fast to simple truths. Fairy magic is real, Morgan le Fay is real, and with the help of Dade, the Amethyst Dragon, Camelot could rise again.


So join us as the tale unfolds, and enter a world that few have glimpsed. Welcome to Avalon, the world of the elusive Dragon Fae. Slip through the gates, and fall in love with the Amethyst Dragon, his best friend Leo, and Dade's aunt Tryamon, Keeper of the Forest. There's plenty of room, so bring your silver bough for the Ferryman. Once you're there, you may never want to leave. But remember: with dragons, you can get burned...

Season Of Destruction

Just as life starts getting back to normal for Angelina and The Guardians, a mysterious stranger enters their lives.  As Indian Summer sets in around The Dells, it quickly becomes a season of destruction. 

Accusations fly, suspicions grow, and soon, Angelina is kidnapped, taken to another world. Can Dasan and the Guardians save her before it’s too late? Or will Angelina’s fate rest in the hands of her sister, Rosie, and her fairy friends?

Life as they know it may never be the same again...

The Sacred Oath

Angels, werewolves, Bigfoot, giant serpents and witches in the Wisconsin Dells...? Sometimes, the truth really is stranger than fiction. Angelina has spent her whole life thinking she was a witch, like her mother. But when her family leaves the dusty reservation roads of New Mexico for the forested hills of Wisconsin, all that changes. Dasan Tallchief, Alpha of The Guardians of the Sacred Oath, walks into Angelina's life. Suddenly her head is full of native drumbeats and mysterious voices that pull her toward him.


Angelina is drawn to help Dasan and The Guardians in their sole purpose - to save the Thunderbirds who watch over the Hocak tribe before Herecgunina, the serpent, destroys them. But if Dasan's attraction to Angelina causes him to imprint on her, the fate of the Thunderbirds and The Guardians could be in jeopardy. And the closer they become, the more they discover that her talents with witchcraft are just the tip of the iceberg.


Soon everything Angelina has ever known about her life seems to be a lie. All of the answers surround The Book of Raziel, and as the truth is revealed, Dasan becomes the only link that can keep Angelina from being trapped in her own mind, forever.