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Sunni Sullivan thought she could escape the drama and torture of her life by staying with her Aunt Glenda in New Orleans. But for Sunni, the drama was just beginning.

Learning the truth of her heritage, she found suspicion and distrust at every turn. She was the daughter of Feu Femme, the feared, legendary member of the Conjuror community, and with the odds stacked against her, Sunni finds herself literally in a fight for her life.

A changeling named Bram, adopted into the Conjuror community, is convinced Sunni is behind the disappearances of his friends. As his world starts to unravel, he finds the person he trusts the least may be the person he should trust the most.

Filled with wonderful new supernaturals from French lore, The Before will take you on a paranormal tour of beautiful New Orleans, where magic is a way of life, and nothing is as it seems.

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Finished beta reading for DC Grace and she has once again wrote another phenomenally breathtaking story!! I am so excited about this new book!!  Coming soon to an e-reader near you..... The Before by DC Grace!!!

- Jenny Bynum


Get ready... DC Grace is back, with a whole new brand of supernaturals to fall in love with.

Stay tuned for details on The Before..